Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Love on wheels

Suitcases represent different things to different people. Some hate them. Some love them. Some hate packing them but love using them. To me, suitcases have gotten a different meaning about three years ago. A special meaning. Personal meaning.

About three years ago I met my husband. The problem was, he lived in Switzerland and I lived in my home country Bosnia. And that’s how the story begins. We met, fell in love and started dating. If you could really call it dating. To see each other, one (or both of us) had to travel. It was a time of a constant movement, regular packing and unpacking. Time of emotional reunions and equally emotional but not so dear goodbyes. Time of airports, train stations, bus stations, harbors and highways. Life on wheels. During that time, I used to say that some loves have addresses, and some live in suitcases. Ours was the second one. The suitcases became a synonym of a reunion, a synonym of love. 

After almost two years of life/love in suitcases, our love story finally got one unique address; and a unique last name.

Most of the ones who know me personally know this story, however a lot of you don’t. I used this opportunity to share it with you since I wish to present you Zalando travel bags. Since suitcases & travel bags became such important part of my life, it was, and still is crucial for me to have the right ones who fit the right occasions. Following the link, you can find travel bags for any occasion and any taste, from big sporty backpacks to stylish weekenders.

Our love story has been settled at one address for one full year now, however we haven’t completely thrown away our gypsy lifestyle. I believe we got addicted to oft travels and we are gladly continuing the tradition with a “small” difference compared to before – now we are leaving together and coming back together. And Zalando has our back when it comes to our bags and suitcases.

So let yourself be immersed in the whole travelling experience in the right way, with a right bag at your side. And who knows, your love story might become a love story on wheels, whether you’re travelling together or you are just yet to meet one another.  

Friday, 14 July 2017

Black & Greys

Who said that black is not a summer color (if we disregard the fact that black is not a color)? This shooting was quite a spontaneous one, pulled together what I had in the closet in less than 5 minutes, chose the first location that came to mind and did the actual shoot in full 10 minutes. When things work, they work effortlessly. The location and the outfit colors blended so nicely together that I couldn't help but compiling the photos from that day in an outfit post.

Sunglasses: Diesel: Top: C&A (llink); Pants:Calliope (link); Sandals: Buffalo (link)

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Cinque Terre

Even though the place has become very popular and commercial, believe me when I say, it is for a good reason. On our last trip to Italy we went to beautiful Liguria, swam and sunbathed on the beaches of Lerici and went to a new place in the evening every day. One of those places was Cinque Terre. For those of you who haven`t heard about this place Cinque Terre in Italian means five lands and marks five villages on the coast of Liguria (northern coast of Italy). The villages span high from the coastline into the hills and that is what makes them so incredibly fascinating.

If you`ve been thinking or planning to visit this beautiful place, my tip is to visit the villages Manarola and Riomaggiore which are really something special, while the remaining three (Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso Al Mare) are also nice but in my opinion not worth the while.  All of the photos you see on the internet regarding this place are the photos of Manarola or Riomaggiore.


The good thing about these two villages (which I highly recommend for you to visit) is that they are easily accessible from La Spezia, which is the biggest city in that region. From La Spezia, you can easily take the ferry or the train to go to the places and the road is fairly good if you wish to travel with a car. The road to the remaining three villages that I mentioned at the beginning is quite curvy, narrow and pretty dangerous. Not to mention long. 

All of this does not taint this wonderful place that should be, if it already isn`t, on your travel bucket list. I cannot quite describe the feeling you get once you arrive there with words, especially in the words of the language that is not your native language. However I hope the photos will speak not one, but a thousand words and transfer to you at least a bit of the emotions and impressions we felt and experienced. And I hope they will make you want to come to this place, because if you do, you will definitely not regret it. 




Friday, 23 June 2017

On the rocks

On the rocks, and by that I do not mean the drink. We spent the evening just chilling on the rocks by the sea, watching the sunset and enjoying the light summer breeze. And I wouldn't mind having more evenings like these, just in case karma, the law of attraction or some higher force from above are listening. ;)

Place: San Terenzo, Lerici

Shorts: H&M; Sandals: Dosenbach/Deichmann; Blouse: Link; Hat:Chaos Hats

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Ruffles flair

Even though I am definitely not the one who blindly follows trends, I am genuinely loving this summer´s hype for ruffles. Coming from a girl who up to couple of years ago wore nothing but black, long Dr. Martens black boots and spike as a nose-ring, this is saying a lot. No, I will not be sharing photos like those today, since thankfully I do not have many of them, but I will be crossing to the other side, the side of ruffles and summer clothing, bright colors and bare feet. If someone told me, just couple of years ago, that I would wear ruffles and colors and dresses and that I would actually feel good in it - I would`ve laughed in their face. However time passes, people change & evolve and so does our style. I`m personally very happy for "coloring" my closet and for letting more color and brightness in my life as well. Such is the case with my favorite piece - ruffles off the shoulder top - in a bright baby blue and dancing with the wind. And that`s exactly why I love it.

Pants: Zara; Sandals: Dosenbach/Deichmann; Blouse: Link; Bag: Link

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Sarajevo: walking on the bob sleigh

This is my first post about Sarajevo & I chose to talk about locations ideal for photographers & bloggers. The reason why I chose to start off with this topic is because I`ve been focusing a lot on that for the past couple of months and wanted to share with all of you photography lovers and enthusiasts special places in Sarajevo.

These are not commercial places, not many people will tell you about them, nor will the travel agencies take you there. One of my favorite places in Sarajevo is a bob sleigh located on the mountain Trebevic, half an hour drive from the center of Sarajevo. It has been built for the Winter Olympic games in 1984 but is no longer used today since it`s been destroyed during the war. The remnants of it are a pure heaven for photographers and all lovers of photography. It is one of the rare places in the world where you can actually walk on the bob sleigh. Today it is covered with various graffiti which makes it even more interesting and therefore a cool location to visit.

I came back from Sarajevo couple of days ago and while I was there I did a small photo shooting. Hope you like the photos and if the road ever takes you to Sarajevo, make sure not to miss visiting this intricate place.

Jacket - Stradivarius; pants - Koton; T-Shirt: Bershka; Sneakers: Reebok

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Winter is here! And it's never been more delicious.

This post is entirely about chocolate. As a chocolate lover it was a pure pleasure to try out Lindor chocolate and share it with you guys. You haven't tasted heaven in your mouth until you try one of these. Melting chocolate and soft texture will make you crazy about these tiny packages of great pleasure. I have captured some of my special Lindor moments and am glad to share it with the blogging world. Hope you enjoy the Lindor chocolate photos as much as I've enjoyed eating them. 😂